Mature skin and acne

Is 40 the new 15?

Why are so many of us seemingly going through a second puberty, complete with acne breakouts and redness? Turns out, this is a very common problem, especially for women in their 30s, 40s and beyond. While it might feel good to know you’re not alone, it would be even better if we knew why it’s happening to us and what we can do about it! Barely Blush is here to help.

There are many factors that can cause acne in adult women. Some of these causes can be due to high levels of stress, hormonal fluctuations, clogged pores, elevated sugar intake, and bacteria buildup.


Well, we all deal with stress sometimes, it’s a part of everyday life. Does that mean that we are destined to have acne forever? Not necessarily. Coping with stress in healthy ways, learning calming exercises and doing yoga are some ways to counteract those stress hormones. Speaking of hormones…


Some women experience acne during menopause and perimenopause. Experts believe this is due to a drop in estrogen levels or an increase in androgen hormones like testosterone and progesterone. These hormones changes are known to cause your skin to break out. Of course, there isn’t much we can do about life taking its course, but there are ways to moderate the effects of these hormones on our skin. Virginia-based dermatologist Lily Talakoub, MD advises that cutting down soy and dairy in your diet will help with breakouts. She also recommends introducing a supplement called saw palmetto to your diet, as it helps to regulate the hormones like progesterone that increase oil production and cause acne. Likewise, both sugar and dairy have been known to spike cortisol, which can ultimately show itself on your skin. Try as best you can to cut these nutrients from your diet in order to help stave off zits that are being caused by hormones.

Makeup and hair products

Dr. Talakoub says that no matter how old you are, what we put on our skin will ultimately affect your skin. Obvious, right? But she advises that these types of pimples will look different than those we get from hormonal changes. “Acne due to clogging hair serums or makeup will form as small white bumps under the skin,” she explains. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to any changes on your skin when you change products in your beauty routine. She recommends avoiding hair serums and primers with silicone but notes that if it doesn’t improve when you swap your products, a dermatologist may need to give you an oral medication.

Where is bacteria hiding?

Bacteria and breakouts go hand in hand. Of course you know that if you don’t wash your face, you’ll likely end up with a few pimples. That’s because bacteria can be found in plenty of places! Never go to bed without removing your makeup with a cleansing oil or makeup remover. Never share makeup with others and be sure to clean your makeup tools regularly to remove bacteria. Otherwise you are likely to keep redepositing bacteria on your face and get really frustrated when you continue to break out. Don’t forget things like hand and face towels. Many of us will leave a face towel at the sink to use for many days in a row. Remember, though, that every time you dry your face, Oil, dirt, and makeup deposit onto your towel after you use it, creating a breeding ground that allows bacteria to grow on it. If you don’t wash your towels often, the fibers become laced with bacteria and then that gets transferred to your face, especially when wet towels are left in humid areas such as bathrooms!

Blemishes don’t have to be a week-long embarrassment though. Check out Barely Blush’s Blemix Drying Lotion for an overnight solution to those pesky pimples! This overnight treatment goes to work when your body goes to rest so that you can wake to clearer skin. This acne treatment combines three powerful ingredients to zap zits and their symptoms including redness and swelling.

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