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Natural Seaweed Extract Toner


Utilize the richness of the ocean to soothe and balance skin with Natural Seaweed Extract Toner, loaded with natural seaweed extract for calmer, smoother skin.

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If you struggle with redness and irritation, Natural Seaweed Extract Toner is an integral part of your skincare routine! Most toners are used to remove oil from the surface of the skin to prevent blemishes and prep for moisturizers and serums. This daily toner takes it to the next level by balancing the skin’s pH after cleansing and creating the optimal environment for moisture absorption.

Natural seaweed extract is the very first ingredient in this daily toner, making it a highly potent source of nutrients from the deep sea. Premature aging to the skin is often due to irritation and environmental factors. Luckily, this seaweed facial toner battles both to soothe, calm and balance.

Use this natural ingredient toner morning and evening for best results after cleansing and before moisturizing. Reveal youthful, balanced skin with every use!

Beautiful Benefits:

BALANCED PH LEVELS: Gently removes oil from the skin’s surface while balancing natural pH levels to ensure maximum absorption of moisturizer and serums

CALMS AND SOOTHES: Naturally nourishing seaweed calms redness and irritation for even-toned skin

ACCELERATES NATURAL CELL REPAIR: Nutrient-dense seaweed extract helps speed up cell repair processes, so you see brighter, more even skin results faster

How To Use:

Use morning and evening for best results. Saturate a cotton ball with toner and apply to face in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Follow with a moisturizer.

Ideal For These Skin Types & Concerns:

For all skin types