What is Toner and why should I use it?

Barely Blush users want their skin to be soft, radiant and youthful. But many women don’t know what a powerful tool toner can be to their skin care regimen, nor how it should be used. Let’s dive into what toners are, who can benefit from its use and how to best use this oft-forgotten tonic!

Face toner is the second step in your skincare routine that helps to remove makeup, oil and excess dirt that can find its way on our faces everyday. According to Dr. Zalka, Clinical Attending Doctor at the Yale University Department of Dermatology, “toners are not necessary, but they can be a great adjunct to a skincare regimen for those that need help with oily skin or markedly plugged pores.” It balances the pH of the skin and replenishes what is lost during cleansing. Toner helps to control acne breakouts and remove the build up of dead skin cells laying on the surface of the skin that leaves skin looking dull. It also helps to close and minimize pores, which makes it especially useful for those with acne-prone skin. Dr. Zalka also adds that use of a toner can help other skin applications penetrate more rapidly.

What Type Should I Use?

It’s important to do some research when choosing which toner to use, and will depend on your skin type and what you are hoping to accomplish. For those with sensitive skin, it’s important to find toners that are alcohol free, as this can lead to excessive drying.

For normal, combination and oily skin types, choose toners with ingredients such as coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for use twice a day. If your skin is acne-prone, aim for a toner that includes alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). For dry, sensitive or easily irritated skin, go for toners with a seaweed extract because they will help to soothe redness and irritation and accelerate natural cell repair.

How Do I Use Toner?

Toner is always your second step in your daily skin care routine. First, start with a clean slate! Use your favorite Barely Blush cleanser that suits your skin type. Each of our cleansers gently and effectively removes impurities and excess makeup, oil and buildup, giving you cleaner and smoother-looking skin. Pat your face dry.

Next, saturate a cotton ball with toner and apply to your face in a circular motion, avoiding eye area. Once your skin is moist, allow the toner to air dry.

Follow up with step three, a good, quality moisturizer. With seven different Moisturizers, Barely Blush has the perfect formula for every skin type! None of our products contain sulfates, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates or sodium laureth sulfates, because all of these are known to be irritating to sensitive skin. A good moisturizer provides the hydration your skin needs replenish cells from within. It penetrates deep within the skin, and creates a protective barrier on the surface that keeps moisture in and toxins out.

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