Squalane Oil: The Super- Penetrating Powerful Moisturizer

Squalane is a unique but powerful moisturizing oil that is becoming a more common skincare ingredient. What makes it so unique is it’s extremely high absorbancy rate; this stuff just sinks right in! That contrasts to most oils and creams. Ever noticed that they just kind of sit on the surface? That’s because most oils and creams don’t do a very good job of penetrating the top layer of skin. Squalane, however, is a thin oil, (especially when compared to other plant-based oils like rosehip or coconut oil). Because it has such a thin consistency, it is absorbed more quickly and penetrates further down. It can provide nutrients and hydration throughout your skin, rather than just the topical hydration you get from most creams. Thanks to its absorbency, it also works great in conjunction with other skincare products, because it doesn’t form a layer on the skin to hinder your other products from penetrating.

Squalane oil can be used on any skin type, from sensitive and dry to acne-prone and oily. Here’s a few of the key benefits you can get by adding squalane into your skincare regimen.

Well-moisturized skin: Obviously! Squalane is a very good moisturizer, leaving the skin well-hydrated, soft, and plump. It has a very light and non-greasy texture, and penetrates the skin quickly and effectively.

Lip and Eye Treatment: If you have a tendency to get irritation under your eyes or at the outer corners of your eyebrows, squalane can fix this right up! Works great for chapped lips too, in fact, better than most lip balms.

Prevents irritation: Because it has been proven that squalane is non-irritating, it makes it a great choice for folks that have sensitive skin conditions. It’s also completely colorless and odorless (helpful for those that may work in industries where scented skincare products are banned, like in many hospitals, for example.)

Keeps pores clear: While it’s still an oil, squalane is the least likely oil to cause clogged pores, compared to others that are commonly used in skincare. If most oils are too heavy for you or tend to clog your pores, this one might be a good choice.

Protects against oxidative damage: Squalane can help protect your skin from free radicals that cause premature aging and age spots. It might even help fade darker pigments over time.

Skin soothing: As mentioned above, squalane can speed up the healing of chapped or cracked skin. It’s an excellent skincare ingredient for those that have conditions like eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.

Fights bacteria: Like coconut oil, it is believed that squalane oil has antibacterial properties, backing up its use as a great moisturizer for people that have acne.

One important note to keep in mind when looking for a product containing squalane oil; it’s pre-curser squalene (note the E) was commonly harvested from shark livers. You’ll want to confirm on the label or with the product-maker that they source their squalane oil from plants, like olives or palm trees.

If you have trouble finding a moisturizer that works well for you, don’t give up hope, give squalane a try! You’ll find that it penetrates deeper, and will leave your skin feeling well-hydrated and fresh.

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